At Bright Sparks Learning Centre we understand that homework enables pupils to consolidate their learning and build upon new skills and knowledge.

Well planned, independent homework tasks allow pupils to take responsibility for learning, whilst also developing important study and research skills such as time management, resourcefulness and resilience.

The impact of homework on learning is very positive with studies by the Education Endowment Foundation and The Sutton Trust suggesting the setting of effective homework, can lead to an average of five months’ additional progress per year.

Teachers follow the guidelines below in terms of how often they set homework.

Homework guidelines for teachers:

  • Classroom teachers of all subjects and key stages will set a minimum of one piece of homework every four lessons
  • Homework will be appropriate and relevant to the needs of each learner
  • Years 7-9 can be given up to two 30-minute pieces of homework per day – a maximum of 1-hour per day at the centre
  • Years 10-11 can be given up to two 45-minute pieces per day – a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes per day at the centre