A Curriculum for Life

At Bright Sparks Learning Centre, our pupils have access to a varied educational experience.

We work closely with commissioning local authorities, and schools, to ensure that the curriculum is shaped with each pupil’s full time prior provision in mind in order to minimise disruption to learning and maximise opportunities for pupils to return to full or part-time education if they have not been accessing this prior to admission. This means that each pupil has a personalised individual learning plan which is tailored to meet their own individual needs.

Our curriculum consists of three cores strands: academic, social and emotional, and is delivered by well qualified and experienced practitioners operating in a safe, supportive and inspiring learning environment.

Our academic curriculum focuses upon the core subjects: English, Maths and Science along with PSHE and RSE with other option subjects available. It is highly personalised and closely tailored to each individual pupils’ levels of ability, interests and aspirations.

Integrated therapeutic support is offered, as necessary, and pupils enjoy a short daily walk around a local water park where off-site learning can be delivered.

Bright Sparks Learning Centre continues to develop strong links with external providers, local community groups, businesses and professional associations to help pupils reengage with, and foster, a love of lifelong learning.



Our flexible skills-based curriculum provides both choice and challenge and aims to develop emotional literacy along with core subject knowledge whilst offering a wide range of accredited outcomes. There is a strong focus on the social and emotional aspects of learning through the delivery of a range of PHSE, RSE and The Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme.

Each subject area delivers the national curriculum programmes of study and ensures that they are personalised, and accessible, to all pupils within the centre.

Building Resilience

We recognise the importance of building learning power and work hard to build students’ confidence, self-esteem, independent study habits and, most importantly, resilience; developing and supporting a culture of learning for life which enables pupils to recognise and respond positively to opportunities for personal and social growth.


Key Stages

Pupils are given access to each curriculum area which is adapted to the meet individual abilities and need.