Admissions and Referrals

Admissions Overview

Bright Sparks Learning Centre is an alternative education provider for secondary aged children, aged 11-16 years, who have struggled to engage in mainstream education settings.

We have capacity for four pupils, without an EHCP, to attend on a full-time basis. The remaining pupils will attend part-time, usually for two days per week. Pupils can attend on a short or long-term placement with the intention of filling gaps in learning, providing a rapid boost in English and Maths, providing interventions and improving emotional wellbeing.

Our pupils will have a range of needs including Autism Spectrum Condition, ADHD and dyslexia along with conditions associated with their social, emotional, and mental health.

All young people have access to a high quality education following admission. This includes pupils with Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans, looked-after children and children for whom English is a second language.

All pupils admitted to Bright Sparks Learning Centre will have been initially referred by either their local authorities or local schools. Please contact your local authority or child’s school to find out more about our admission arrangements.

The centre has a dedicated member of staff who is responsible for overseeing the referral process. It is through this staff member that visits are coordinated, information is gathered and arrangements for admission are undertaken.

An admission will only be undertaken when the approval for funding is granted by the appropriate person who holds this authority, within the funding local authority or school.

Claire Fyfe is responsible for ensuring that the school only admits pupils whose individual needs can be met. To summarise, in all cases, pupils will only be considered for admission if:

  • funding has been formally agreed with the respective local authority or school and an Individual Placement Agreement has been completed and signed by relevant parties
  • the special needs of the pupil can be met by the centre
  • all up to date information concerning the pupil, including the most recent reviews and reports, will be provided by the funding authority or school
  • there is a place available in the appropriate class / year group
  • it is compatible with the provision of efficient education for others
  • the child / young person’s attendance does not jeopardise the safety of others.

The centre welcomes enquiries and visits from parents.